E-mail Setup With iPhone Or iPod Touch

Note: We are not a hardware company. We do not come to your house and set up your new computer or smart phone. We create Web sites. We're providing the following to aid you in setting up your equipment. If you can't get it to work properly, please call someone that works on the Iphone.

How to configure the Iphone, the Ipod Touch

1.    Tap Settings


2.    Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars


3.    Select Add Mail Account


4.    Choose Other


5.    Select Add Mail Account


6    Enter the name you wish to display to others when sending mail, your full e-mail address, and the password for the e-mail account. The description will mirror the e-mail address by default, although you may change it to whatever you like.

When finished, select Next at the top right.


7    Wait while the phone saves and then it should display a new screen with extra settings. Make sure that the IMAP button is selected at the top left and you should see the Name, Address, Description and Password should have carried over.

1.    Host Name: This is the same as the incoming server.
2.    User Name: This is required and again is your FULL e-mail address.
3.    Password: The password we provided for your e-mail address.
4.    Tap Next.

Cannot Verify Server Identity

If you get this error message it is due to the SSL certificate being used for the mail server in use. Our mail server does not use SSL.

How to store Sent, Drafts and Trash on the server

To do this please go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
1.    Choose your e-mail account
2.    Tap Advanced

4.    Under Mailbox Behaviors choose the mailbox you wish to configure.

5.    Choose the corresponding folder on the server you wish to save the e-mail in.

6.    Repeat the above steps for any other folders you wish to store on the server.