Live Mail E-mail Account Settings

1.  Open Live Mail and click on the PROPERTIES button.

2.  Enter your information in these blocks:

a.  Mail Account - This is a name so you'll remember the account in case you have more than one account.

b.  Name - This is the name that will show on your e-mails.

c. Organization - If you'd like your business name to show on e-mails fill this in. Otherwise just leave blank.

d.  E-mail address - Enter your full e-mail address.

3.  Click the SERVERS tab

a. Incoming mail (POP3) - or what we sent you in an e-mail.

b.  Outgoing mail (SMTP) - Enter or what we sent you in an e-mail.

c.  Email username - Enter your full e-mail address.

d.  Password - Enter (or copy/paste) the password we supplied to you. The password is case sensitive so if you're typing the password, make sure you type uppercase letters as uppercase and lowercase letter as lowercase.

e.  Remember password - Click the box so a check mark appears.

f.  Outgoing Mail Server - Make sure there's a check mark in the box next to "My server requires authentication."

4.  Click the OK button - you're finished.

5. Try sending yourself an e-mail. It should go out to the Internet and then be delivered to your inbox. If you run into any problems please call us when you're in front of your computer and we'll try to resolve them over the phone.