May 2008 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Random Free Hosting Site

We'd like to congratulate Beckmann Funeral Home for being the winner of this month's free hosting site. At the beginning of each month we will call up our own site's homepage. Whomever's site is the featured site when the page loads will get FREE hosting of one domain for one month. It's just our way of saying thank you.

Computer Issues, Not Web Site Issues

Over the past 15 or more years, we have gracefully answered hundreds of computer questions each month for our clients. Clients having problems with their computers will call us and want a solution because they don't realize it has nothing to do with a Web site we've done for them. After all, aren't all Geeks the same????

In the past we've "played" tech support for Microsoft and Apple computer problems without charging the client. But now we are spending hours and hours each month talking to clients that want their computer problems cured by one of our webmeisters. As a result of this significant loss in production time for our primary business of producing Web sites, we have started charging clients for help with their computers if it is unrelated to our Web site business.

Please don't take this wrong, we would prefer you call a local Geek to help you with computer problems, but if you call us instead, we will try and help you, but you will be charged for the time it takes assisting you.

We know all this Internet "stuff" can be confusing and you may not understand what the problem is. But, if the problem turns out to be your computer and not our site server or e-mail server, we'll be charging you for the "tech support" call.

Jott Yourself

One of my most used free services is Jott. Using this free service you may call their toll-free number and dictate a message. This message will then be sent in a number of ways (that you select) such as sending yourself (or someone else) an e-mail of your spoken message. It may also be used to add items to a to-do list as you think of them during the day.

I've almost always got my cell phone with me when I get those BFO's (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) of things I need to be reminded about. When I get a BFO, I just call Jott and record a message. When I get back to my computer, there's an e-mail waiting for me with the transcribed message. A great example of technology making life easier.

New Sites Joining Us Or Completed Recently

Help these folks by visiting their site. All ya'll will remember how hard it is to get those initial "hits" so the search engines notice your site. So take a minute and visit their site.