January 2014 Newsletter

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Random Free Hosting Site

We'd like to congratulate Grasshopper and Wild Honey for being the winner of this month's free site hosting. At the beginning of each month we will call up our own site's homepage. Whomever's site is the featured site when the page loads will get FREE hosting of one domain for one month. It's just our way of saying thank you.

Does Your Site Need Mobile Friendly Content?

For quite some time now, we've been advising our clients to consider adding mobile friendly content to their site as a way to increase conversions of visitors to sales. The visitor to your site using a mobile device will not spend very long if they have to scroll right-left and up-down just to read your site's content.

We still believe the visitor using a mobile device is "low hanging fruit" and you should seriously consider mobile friendly content in order to be one of the first to get on the band wagon. But will the expense be worth the return?

On almost all of our sites we've included the eXTReMe Tracking "hit counter" at the bottom left corner of your site's homepage (the world icon). It's by clicking the world icon that you'll be able to view what percentage of visitors to your site are using a mobile device. Below I have shown the System Type data for two of our clients. The data on the left shows only about 3% (total) of the visitors using a mobile device - so maybe the expense of mobile friendly pages is not justified now for this client. But the data on the right shows a client's site that's receiving about 31% of the visitors using a mobile device. If you have data like this, you are way behind the curve if you haven't contacted us to (either) have your site converted to a fluid design or have a limited number of mobile friendly pages added to your site. Fluid design sites render all the sites content scaled to the size of the view screen.

If you'd like to talk with us about your unique situation, we'd love to explain your options further and give you an estimate of the costs involved. So contact us.

Electronic Bill Payments

With the price of stamps going up yet again, we've decided to make online payment available and offer invoices sent by e-mail rather than snail-mail. If you would prefer to receive you invoice attached to an e-mail, please let us know and we'll change the way you receive your bill.

If you'd prefer to pay your bill online, just visit our homepage and click the clearly shown "Pay You Bill" button. After clicking that button, you'll be offer two options for payment, "Pay with my PayPal account" or "Don't have a PayPal account?". The slightly misleading "Don't have a PayPal account?" link is the one that allows you to pay using a major credit card. So don't get scared off and think the only way to pay is by having a PayPal account.

Old Article Worth Seeing Again

Google Places for Business

Your participation in Google Places is considered when Google ranks Web sites. Extremely important that you have claimed your business because you can add salient details about your business - not just name, address, and phone number, but also business category, hours of operation, types of payment accepted, and area served. And all of this for free! The information, including a small map, appears in relevant Google search results. The more places Google sees information about your business, the more relevant your site will be in a search and the better ranking your site will achieve.

New Sites Joining Us Or Completed Recently

Help these folks by visiting their site. All ya'll will remember how hard it is to get those initial "hits" so the search engines notice your site. So take a minute and visit their site.

  • MC4 Solar - Provides connectors and cable for home solar panel applications.

  • Carlton Club Inn - An extended stay accommodation in the Texas Hill Country providing a memorable stay in unique lodgings with lovely antiques and fine amenities.