April 2015 Newsletter

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Random Free Hosting Site

We'd like to congratulate Majesty Wine Tours for being the winner of this month's free site hosting. At the beginning of each month we will call up our own site's homepage. Whomever's site is the featured site when the page loads will get FREE hosting of one domain for one month. It's just our way of saying thank you.

Ways Google Can Help Your Business

Mobile-friendly is a must. Google will now consider mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal for mobile search results worldwide. This new development, combined with the fact that smartphones and tablets make up 35 percent of organic search traffic, means mobile optimization should be a priority for all business Web sites and pages. The best long-term solution is to invest in responsive design - a design that moves the page elements so they render properly no matter what the view screen size.  It's no surprise that local mobile traffic will become increasingly important in the coming months and years. This point is further solidified by Google's recent focus on rewarding mobile-friendly sites in the search results. In order to satisfy the demands of varying devices, the best SEO investment you can make is transitioning to responsive design.

Fix Google My Business issues. It looks like Google My Business is finally taking off (despite two name changes in the past few years) and you'll want to ensure your page is completely optimized and accurate. Priorities include making sure your location is correctly placed on the map, checking the accuracy of information (hours of operation, contact information, payment types, etc.), and ensuring your official business Web site is on your local Google+ page. You'll also want to encourage reviews from customers and clients in order to give your page a social boost.

Get listed on business directories. In addition to verifying the veracity of your Google My Business page, you'll also want to include your business information on other reputable online directories. While there are hundreds of different ones - including industry-specific directories that may apply to your business - the top listing sites include Yelp, Foursquare, CitySearch, YP.com, and Whitepages. When creating or editing these listings, remember to include accurate NAP information (name, address, phone number).

Ignoring niche directories. While you likely have your NAP information published in YP.com, Yelp, and your Google "My Business" page, you can't afford to ignore specialty niche directories. These are invaluable sources of highly-targeted traffic - especially if they're tied directly to a zip code.

Is Your NAP Correct?

In local SEO, NAP stands for, "Name, Address, and Phone." Whether it's a local directory, social networking site, or your website, NAP information needs to be complete and accurate - as well as present across a wide variety of local directories and publications. Yext is a great way to synchronize NAP information for local directories, though some of it isn't free. Other directories exist which are crucial as well including the Open Directory Project, and the Yahoo Directory. Furthermore, you need to ensure there's 100% consistency across each one. Google will notice if you have inconsistent information and won't rank you as well as it would otherwise.

Old Article Worth Seeing Again

Mobile-friendly Pages Turn Visitors Into Customers

Consumers expect to find information they want, when they want it - especially when they’re on the go. A study by Google shows that 67% of users are more likely to buy or make reservations from a mobile-friendly site. Without a mobile-friendly site you’ll be driving users to your competition. So if that site’s not yours, you’ll be missing out in a big way.

New Sites Joining Us Or Completed Recently

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