February 2015 Newsletter

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Random Free Hosting Site

We'd like to congratulate Lounge Lizard for being the winner of this month's free site hosting. At the beginning of each month we will call up our own site's homepage. Whomever's site is the featured site when the page loads will get FREE hosting of one domain for one month. It's just our way of saying thank you.

Microsoft Safety Scanner

We believe everyone, these days, knows that it's a "must have" to be running and up-to-date anti-virus program on their computer. But we just had one of our client's e-mail passwords hacked and thought we'd share the corrective action this client needed to tak.

We assume a virus on his computer spied out the password to to his mailbox and transferred it to hackers. As soon as our mail server notices an unusually high number of e-mails being sent (usually more that 100 each half hour) the password is changed on the account to a random value and HUEY Productions is notified. This impedes further malicious access to the mailbox.

To reestablish the security of his account and personal data, we strongly suggested checking his computer for viruses on all computers that have been used to access the mailbox. As immediate measure, we suggested getting a free safety scan using Microsoft Safety Scanner.

The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free downloadable security tool that provides on-demand scanning and helps remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It works with your existing antivirus software. Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after downloading. To re-run a scan with the latest antimalware definitions, you'll need to download and run Microsoft Safety Scanner again each time you want to check your computer.

Rotate Mailer Corrects Sideways Pictures

Are you tired of having your photos show up rotated sideways in e-mail or WordPress? Many online services don't properly account for the orientation settings saved by your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

You’ve been e-mailing pictures for years and never had such a problem before. It’s not your fault. The iPhone has a problem (iPod and iPad too!), and it appears Apple isn’t interested in fixing it. What are you supposed to do? Turn your head sideways?

Typically, if you save the picture from the e-mail to your computer, the computer will show it correctly (Macs and Windows 8). If you are using Windows 7 or XP, then you can click the appropriate ‘rotate’ button in the Windows Photo Viewer to manually rotate the picture.

Rotate Mailer let’s you select up to 4 pictures from your phone, and e-mail them. It takes care of ensuring the recipient gets the pictures the right way, regardless of the program they use to view them.

Old Article Worth Seeing Again

Picture Resizing

So you're the envy of the neighborhood because you've got this great mega-mega-mega pixel camera. But it has just one "small" problem. The pictures are such HUGH file sizes you can't send (if you're lucky) but one picture as an attachment per e-mail. The solution is to decrease the file size of pictures prior to sending them.

Try using PicResize, the Internet's best picture resizing tool. Easily crop, resize, and edit your images online for FREE at PicResize.