E-commerce Stores


E-Commerce is a technology that uses the Internet as a channel to distribute and collect business transaction information. As with many technologies, E-Commerce actually operates on a framework of several processes and tools to produce the desired results.

Business Transactions

The purpose of conducting business is to make a profit. The way to make a profit is to stimulate demand for a product and facilitate the exchange of goods to increase profit margins. This is where E-Commerce steps in. E-Commerce puts your products at your customers’ fingertips. Buying online is a growing reality in today’s markets. Your E-Commerce site is your online store, where customers can browse a virtual store and decide on a purchase directly instead of relying on hard copy catalogs or resellers. Besides being a convenience for many customers, E-Commerce tackles real-time transactions and reduces the time it takes to go through a business cycle, from ordering to selling. A sample of one of our E-Commerce sites is Barrel Designs.

Features of E-Commerce

An E-Commerce site accommodates high volumes of data exchange and complex transactional requirements. Yet, the front-end remains user-friendly while secure connections preserve the integrity of the system. Post-installation support and web site design updates will ensure the profitability of your site.

Your Virtual Store

E-Commerce facilitates sales. Using a simple query, customers see your products, along with a brief description and price. An attractive online catalog is an essential part of a successful site because it is the only source of product information for your customer.

Secure Payment Service

Secure payment service offers a secure and confidential Point-of-Sales credit card payment card to pay for goods or services. It ensures the privacy of customer credit card information. The customer enters his/her personal information interactively (name, billing address, shipping address, credit card information). When the customer selects the card payment options online, the secure payment service sends an invoice that includes any tax and shipping costs and the transaction is completed in real-time.  Once the purchasing transaction is completed, a copy of the transaction record is sent to the customer. The customer can print this record to keep as a receipt of the transaction. The item is shipped to the customer through  normal distribution channels.