Increase Profitability

The Big Myth

There is a pervasive myth among Web site writers that simply submitting your site to the major search engines increases traffic to your site. That's just not true. When someone queries a search engine for a keyword related to your site's products or services, does your page appear in the top 10 or 20 matches -- or does your competition? A good standing in a major search engine will generate more targeted traffic than any expensive advertising campaign.

Consider This

  • Virtually everyone begins their Web browsing at one of the major search engines. Your rank in these search engines determines how many people will visit your site.
  • Other forms of advertising can get expensive. Just a few good positions under a few important keywords can deliver the same or better results.
  • Being in the Yellow Pages doesn't ensure even one phone call. In search engines, the higher your site ranks under important keywords, the more traffic you'll get.

Phelan Good Stables is proud to recommend HUEY Productions as our webmaster of choice! They came to our rescue at a time of great need, they were innovative and are promptly responsive to our updates. We credit them for the enhancement of our business.

Phelan Good Stables 

How We Increase Traffic to Your Site

A search engine works by analyzing the semantic content of a Web page and determining the relative importance of the vocabulary used, taking into account the title tags, the heading tags and the first text it detects. It will also check out text related contextually to what it considers to be the main 'keywords' and then rank that page according to how relevant it calculates it to be for the main theme of the page.

It will then examine the number of other Web pages that are linked to it, and regard that as a measure of how important, or relevant to the 'keyword', that the page is. The value of the links is regarded as peer approval of the content. All of these factors determine how high that page is listed for search terms that are similar contextually to the content of the page.

To actually be found in an engine, you must *emphasize* the specific keywords and phrases that you want your site to be found under. Your important keywords and keyword phrases must be strategically placed throughout your Web page in order to return your site as one of the top 10 to 30 matches. Being in the top 10 or 20 results can bring hundreds, or even thousands of new visitors to your site for each keyword your site achieves top ranking on.

Search engines determine a site's "relevancy" by using a complex "scoring" system. This system adds or subtracts points based on things like how many times the keyword appeared on the page, where on the page it appeared, how many total words were found, your site's popularity, and other variables. The pages that achieve the most "points" are returned at the top of the search results.

Once we submit your site, the search engine will add your URL (site address) to a list of sites. It can take from days to months for a search engine to index your site.

All of this may sound complicated. It can be, without someone keeping track of the current rules for you. We are the professionals. Let us create or update your site for increased traffic and increased chances for profitability. Most Web sites can be update, or tweaked, in about three to four hours of work. It will be the best money you can invest on your site.

If we don't increase your site's standings on the major search engines YOU PAY NOTHING!