FREE Market Search

HUEY Productions will conduct a FREE market search of your Web site and its ranking on each search engine will be shown. Based on this report you may purchase our services to completely rewrite your Web site, or tweak your existing Web site to increase your standings.

What We Do

When you hire HUEY Productions:

  • An initial market search is performed to establish a base-line for your Web site.
  • We will modify your Web site for better positioning on the major search engines and directories.
  • After modifying your Web site, HUEY Productions will resubmit your Web site to the top search engines and directories in a detailed, timely, and professional manner. To ensure maximum exposure, our professionals carefully perform each submission on an individual basis.
  • You will be notified about search engine relevancy information regarding keyword and HTML coding enhancements made to help your listing and the search engines and directories your Web site were successfully submitted to.
  • In about 10 weeks we will perform another market search and you will receive a detailed report of your standings with each search engine and directory, and a trend report telling you of any changes in your site's standings since the initial market search.

Important Notes:

  1. From the time of submission, most sites require 6-8 weeks to index and list your site. However, some may take as long as 3 months.
  2. Many directories such as Yahoo! have editorial control over site listings. HUEY Productions will make recommendations as to description and placement. However, the directory has final say as to which category(s) and listing(s) are provided.
  3. Submissions to search engines typically consist of your Web site title and address. The search engine then sends out a robot, or spider, to scan your Web page and extract what it perceives to be the description and keywords.