Mobile Friendly Content

Because your full-size Web site is built in a wide format to be viewed on a laptop or desktop monitor, it requires much scrolling for your site to be viewed on a small screen mobile device. Adding mobile friendly pages gives the potential visitor basic information about your business at a glance, thus allowing them to contact you about detailed information as they are driving into town or doing quick research on their lunch hour or between meetings.

If you don't have specific pages geared to being viewed by a mobile device, you're missing out on potential sales or reservations. Visits to Web sites by visitors using mobile devices has been increase dramatically. We constantly see double and many times triple digit percent increases each quarter compared to the previous quarter.

We are constantly thinking mobile! Overuse of style sheets, images, ads or even content can be detrimental when working with mobile content, so we follow these guidelines to make sure our client's mobile content is fully accessible to your users on the move:

  • We don't overdo it with images - your users will be much more likely to return if they don't have to download 2MB of images on every page
  • We keep design and CSS use to a minimum - obviously, CSS layouts are certainly recommended; we use a streamlined, modified template and CSS for use on mobile devices
  • Our mobile designs have a clean, easy to navigate design
  • We change the default font to Tahoma for easy reading on a mobile device
  • We change the default font size to something that gives approximately the same number of words per line as a mid-range phone
  • We change the browser window width to (say) 240px but expandable for larger mobile devices
  • Your telephone number is automatically called when the visitor clicks your phone number
  • Clicking your address in the footer automatically brings the visitor to Google maps so it will be easy to navigate to your business
  • And finally: Content is King - we concentrate on the mobile users' experience. They want quick and easy access to your content, contact details, and product offerings
Web site without dedicated mobile content pages.
Normal site when viewed with mobile device - only a small
portion of the page is visible forcing visitors to
scroll left-and-right as well as up-and-down.
Web site with pages designed specifically for viewing on a mobile device.
Same site with mobile content specifically designed
for small screen viewing. Pages have easy
navigation and are fast loading.

Let us design mobile content for your Web site so it will contribute the most toward the profitability of your business.