New Site Pricing


When you order a site to be created, we sit down with you for your ideas on what you'd like your site to look like. For budget purposes, you should plan on paying $250-$300 for the artwork and creation of your homepage. Then plan on something like an average of $60-$65 per page after that. Some pages cost less and some pages (such as creating a form) will cost more. Flash animation and custom artwork is billed at $65 per hour. These fees are, of course, plus tax for Texas residents.

A typical Web site page is one or two screens (scroll down once or twice) of about 500 words and one or two graphics. After 500 words your visitors will get bored with paging down and be tempted to leave your site. We suggest that if you have a lot of information, you use more than one page.

If your site consists of two or three pages, with a couple graphics on each page and possibly a form to send information to you, you should budget in the $500-$600 range. You would not be able to advertise to the whole world with any other media for a price that low. Change to the site, once published, is at a rate of $65 per hour. Changes typically include price changes to products offered on your site, addition of products, etc. So if you want a picture added or some verbiage edited it would typically cost about $6.50 to have that done.

Just a quick note to anyone interested in having their own Web site written and published to the World Wide Web or having their existing Web site hosted and/or marketed. Huey Productions has been a key part in our success for seven years. They have always performed their task in a professional and timely manner. We have referred and continue to refer many clients to Huey Productions. They are folks that know their product and do what they say they will do. You can count on them to do you a good job at a reasonable rate.

Ron Maddux - CEO
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You will also get these services when you order a Web site:

  • Sitemap submitted every week to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask.
  • Free life-time Visit Report showing number of hits per hour, day, and month, which search engines referred the person, which search phrase was used, and much more.
  • Free e-mail account setup for up to 5 e-mail accounts.
  • Free Meta Keyword Tag creation.
  • Free background music, should you desire.
  • Free one time submission of your site to 50 primary and secondary search engines and directories.
  • Free interactive Google Maps and driving directions (to your location) inserted on Web page.
  • For bed and breakfast accounts, free submission to major German and UK search engines.
  • Free submission report showing which search engines and directories your site was submitted to.
  • Free search engines standing report. This report, usually run 6-8 weeks after your site was submitted to the search engines, shows how your site places on the search engines.

*If you've registered your own domain, there will be a $45 set up fee to cover a portion of our time setting up server space, a Domain Name Server change, and e-mail accounts.