Construct New Site

If you've put off getting a Web site because you're someone who believes that anything dealing with computers is like building a nuclear reactor from wristwatch parts in a darkened room using only your teeth, then we're here to help you. We speak English and know that most folks are normal and not geeks.

"I feel that we are already seeing increased business as a result of the new Web site. I think it looks great!
It was a pleasure working with you on the project. I learned so much and appreciate your flexibility and helpful attitude.


Martha Linnartz
Azalea Plantation
Fort Worth, Texas

Your Competition Has A Site

You really cannot afford to be excluded in what is quickly becoming a very competitive environment. Ten years ago many companies had not even thought about creating their own Web site, let alone getting it listed. Today it is a crucial first step to increasing your visibility on the Internet.

What You Need

A typical Web site is four or five pages of information. Each page contains about 500 words and one or two graphics. After 500 words your potential clients will get bored with paging down and be tempted to leave your site. We suggest that if you have a lot of information that you use more than one page.

Besides the first page of your Web site, called the homepage, you may also want an order form and a links page. The links page will increase traffic on your Web site because people will see an invitation to visit your site while they are at another Internet address. A links page will increase traffic to your Web site and popularity of your site will increase your ratings on the search engines. Increased ratings meansSample of the three colors we'll need to produce your custom Web site. increased chance for profit.

What You Do

You bring your ideas of what you want, questions, and maybe samples of other sites you think are close to what you want, and we'll sit down and discuss the best plan of action. You'll also get a change to tell us what color theme you'd like to use. Are the colors on your site going to be in the blue-green range or earth tones, etc. We'll be asking for about three colors; An accent color, a site background color, and a color to be used behind the verbiage on your site pages. You will also be asked to prepare a draft written portion of your Web site, highlighting those ideas that are important and using the terms you think are meaningful.

What We Do

We will take your ideas, use our knowledge of Internet marketing and Hypertext Markup Language, and create a draft Web site. This draft site will be put on the Internet (but only you will be given the address to it) so you may see it the way your potential clients will. Any changes/corrections will be made and then your site will be published in its final version.

As part of the new page service, your Web site will be registered with the 50 major search engines and directories AT NO EXTRA COST. This will allow anyone on the World Wide Web to be able to search for your Web site and visit it.