Search Engine Optimization

It can be challenging to gain desirable ranking on top search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo!, and Google, without paying a small fortune. Fortunately, there are many "organic", or non-paid ways to optimize and market your Web site to take full advantage of the search engines' ranking algorithm (formula).

Search engine optimization generally refers to optimization at the development level, including effective meta tag use, priority HTML tags, using valid code, and other built-in coding features that search engines use when ranking a Web site.

There are many methods to achieve great Organic SEO, and we believe we've devised a formula, based on a few key principles, that will help boost any non-sponsored Web site in search engine rankings. Our formula is based on the following key elements:

  • Getting the site Validated with the major search engines
  • Creating a search engine friendly Sitemap written in Extended Markup Language so the search engines find all your site's content. We periodically update your site's sitemap to keep it current for the search engines to find.
  • Using Page Titles correctly so they correlate well to the subject matter theme of the page
  • Web site Content must be kept fresh, unique, and updated frequently; Stale Web sites will drop in ranking

There are many ways to achieve each of these key elements, and we use every one of them to bring you more traffic. We know how to create fully optimized pages, using proper meta tag creation, accurate image descriptions, active content, and more. We analyze your competition's inbound links and meta tag relevancy, and design your pages to compete.

HUEY Productions uses ethical search engine optimization techniques, which tend to produce long-term results. We optimize your site pages, HTML code and the content on your Web site's pages. We only use organic (natural) link building to get your site high quality inbound links.

The charts below shows site performance when using spammy (black-hat) SEO methods and ethical (white-hat) SEO methods. Using spammy SEO methods tends to make your site get high rankings on search engines quickly. But if Google flags your site and completely removes it from the search results it will take months to get your site reinstated. We only use ethical SEO methods that will take longer until your site attains high search engine rankings but your site's rankings will grow steadily and you’ll get a much better performance.

Using Spammy SEO Methods
Our SEO Methods

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