Beating the Competition

Thank you for visiting HUEY Productions and having us tell "the rest of the story." As the old saying goes, "You gets what you pay for."

Unfortunately the new folks to our industry believe that all you have to do is throw together a template WordPress site, claim it's a custom site, and then charge the same amount as the webmasters that create unique custom sites that don't look like all the other rectangular WordPress sites.

Nothing wrong with WordPress template sites...other than they historically do atrociously in attaining good search engine ranking. You see, even Google doesn't like template sites!

So let us take a few minutes of your valuable time to mention a few things another Web site company may have either glossed over or misrepresented.

Here's what they say about us:


Not the best appearance
Extra charge for SEO
$250-300 for only a homepage
Editing a site costs $60 an hour
$55-60 for one page
Confusing prices

At HUEY Productions we believe we only stay in business if our client's stay in business. So yes, we are proud of our experience and that we've been keep client's in business for over 20 years. In fact one of our clients now has over 1900 pages on their site, have become the number one regional accommodations business, and have been with us for over 19 years.

So let's look at what that other Web site company calls Cons.

  • Not the best appearance - Webmistresses and webmasters usually come up through two different ranks - either the graphical (Owwwww pretty) ranks or the technical (Lets build into the site the elements Google is looking for) ranks. Unfortunately 80% of the webmistresses/webmaster come up through the "Owwwww pretty" ranks. Owwwww pretty for a Web site is like having the best looking store four blocks from Main Street. If no one knows you're there, you may have the prettiest store in the world but you're going out of business. As technicians, we believe in building the elements Google is looking for in their ranking algorithm into each site first, and then building a pleasing site graphically. It's just a difference of opinion. We believe the primary goal is to build a technically valuable site that will impress Google from day one. But if you want to see some our latest work, and make your own decision about "not the best appearance", then please visit our thumbnail sample page.
  • Extra charge for SEO - We stopped charging for Search Engine Optimization a long while ago when we realized Google and, to a lesser extent, Bing were basing their site rankings on good content and not all the hocus-pocus the SEO guys try confuse you with. Google has request that webmasters provide 500-750 words for any page they're serious about obtaining good ranking. Our problem, as technicians, is to keep Google happy (no one wants to thumb their nose at Google) and yet provide a pleasingly looking site. So we try and provide a lot of verbiage, but "below the fold" (not visible in the first screen to render) and the more aesthetically pleasing elements "above the fold." Of course the proof about not needing SEO any more these days, is to search on Google for the term "Fredericksburg TX bed and breakfast." We historically have between three and five of our clients on the first page of results. Go ahead, try it and see who the credits are for at the bottom of the homepage. Don't fall for the SEO stuff - any webmaster that is still talking about SEO is at least three years behind the times.
  • $250-300 for only a homepage - That's because we have found out that the template driven programs such as Word Press almost without a doubt do absolutely terrible in the search engine rankings. And we're not EVEN talking about most of them LOOKING like a template site with their rectangular uninspired shapes. We believe in creating a unique, technically correct site patterns with all the elements "baked into it" that the major search engines are looking for with their ranking algorithm. Simply - you gets what you pay for!
  • Editing a site costs $60 an hour - If you make lots of changes to your site every month, then go with their $30/month payment plan and you'll probably wind up winning. Of course, if you only make a few changes a year, then we won't insult you and your math abilities - you do the math.
  • $55-60 for one page - That figure is our guidance when someone asks what they should budget for a site start-up. We rather telling them a slightly higher budgetary figure than give them sticker shock at the end. The cost per page is based solely on time spent - some pages only cost $5.50 and some more depending on complexity. Since we specialize in small to medium sized sites, our average site cost is in the $500-$700 range. Of course if you go with a company that wants you to pay $499 up-front for their medium sized site AND additionally $30 a month, well you do the math!
  • Confusing prices - Don't know what's so confusing. Our pricing is about $250 for creation of a unique custom-built site pattern and then about (for budgeting guidance) $55 each page after that. Since most of our sites run in the 7 page size, we tell clients to budget about $580 for their site. Of course, you don't know how good a site you've received without a follow-up report. ALL our clients get a search engine ranking report for their site about eight weeks after the site is completed. If they're not entirely happy with their site's ranking, we keep submitting the site to the primary search engines and secondary directories until satisfied. It's what's kept us in business and keeps our clients in business!

So check us out. E-mail any of our clients and see if they're satisfied with our work and the speed we complete task requests. Then make up your own mind.