Internet Access of E-mail

If we've set up an e-mail account for you (as opposed to an alias (fake) e-mail account forwarded to another e-mail account), you may access that account from any computer with access to the Internet. This allows you to read e-mail and reply to e-mails while you're away from your primary computer.

To access your e-mail from any computer with access to the Internet, go to:


Note: Type in the domain name of your site where it says yourdomainname above. Also note there is NO www and that there is a colon between yourdomainname and the 8383. So, for example, when I want to access my e-mail I type .

At the login screen you will need to enter:

UserID = yourfullemailaddress (for me it's
Password = yourpassword (If you don't know your password call us)

Please don't change anything in the drop-down menu under Change Processing Rules. All the other options you may edit if you desire.