E-mail Setup With iPhone Or iPod Touch

Note: We are not a hardware company. We do not come to your house and set up your new computer or smart phone. We create Web sites. We're providing the following to aid you in setting up your equipment. If you can't get it to work properly, please call someone that works on the Iphone.

Use of the Iphone to get e-mail causes many errors, none of which has to do with our equipment - it's the Iphone which is your responsibility. We constantly get beat-up because a client purchases an Iphone of Ipad and then can't get it configured properly. Please note, we are not in the hardware business.

That being said...and if you haven't gotten the idea yet...we strongly dislike the Iphone and Ipad because our clients end up blaming us for what they purchase. Following is some information you can show your geek that comes out and assists you in properly setting up your Iphone or Ipad. The big problem is when you're using Outlook on your computer and also want mail on your Iphone.

The error- "Mailbox already Locked" when using an Iphone in conjunction with another POP client to check your shared server mailbox stems from the nature of POP and how the Iphone and an outlook client will obtain locks on sa POP  mailbox. Locking a mailbox when connecting via POP  is actually an RFC requirement of the POP protocol. Pop is designed so that only one device at a time be it an outlook or similar client or a phone, blackberry or Iphone etc can maintain an exclusive lock on a mailbox. This is to prevent corruption of the mailbox or individual email messages.

The first workaround is to turn off the Iphone's connection to the shared mailbox while actively using your Outlook client, or to use Iphone and the webmail interface (http://mail.yourdomain.com:8383) so that the POP lock error that occurs doesn't happen. With most devices or clients the POP (Post Office Protocol) connection closes automatically after it completes a download, however the Iphone and Ipad do not properly close the connection and therefore maintains an exclusive lock on the mailbox and its contents leading to the POP lock error to display in Outlook or other POP client on the computer.

The same applies if you have your Outlook client set to check POP mail every 1 minute, or if you have multiple Outlook clients POP ping a single mailbox. The connections will be forced into a locked state to protect the integrity of the mailbox itself. This is not something that we can modify as it's actually a feature of the POP protocol itself.

If all else fails we have a second workaround. That workaround is to setup a forward on your mailbox to an alternate e-mail address. To give you an example - you can set your Outlook to POP the user@domain.com e-mail address. We can then create a second mailbox named userIphhone@domain.com and configure user@ to forward a copy of all messages to this second mailbox. You can then set your Iphone to POP this mailbox which will take care of the "battle" over the POP connection currently going on between your computer and your Iphone. Your Iphone can continue to maintain its SMTP connection to send out as user@domain.com however you'd now have the mailbox essentially replicated across the two devices.

How to configure the Iphone, the Ipod Touch

1.    Tap Settings
2.    Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3.    Add Mail Account

4.    Choose Other

New Account Information

1.    Enter your Name
2.    Enter your email address as the Address
3.    Enter the password for your email address
4.    Tap Next

Incoming Mail Server

1.    Host Name: This is typically your domain name preceded by "mail.". If you're not sure, call or e-mail us for the Host Name.
2.    User Name: Your FULL e-mail address.
3.    Password: The password we provided for your e-mail address.

Outgoing Mail Server

1.    Host Name: This is the same as the incoming server.
2.    User Name: This is required and again is your FULL e-mail address.
3.    Password: The password we provided for your e-mail address.
4.    Tap Next.

Cannot Verify Server Identity

If you get this error message it is due to the SSL certificate being used for the mail server in use. Our mail server does not use SSL.

How to store Sent, Drafts and Trash on the server

To do this please go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
1.    Choose your e-mail account
2.    Tap Advanced

4.    Under Mailbox Behaviors choose the mailbox you wish to configure.

5.    Choose the corresponding folder on the server you wish to save the e-mail in.

6.    Repeat the above steps for any other folders you wish to store on the server.