Domain Management

Registering, managing and protecting domain names is a time consuming task and the margin for error is high.

Domain ManagementWe have a litany of stories about clients that elected to manage their own domains, only to forget how to access them or to renew them on time. One client with an e-commerce store forgot to renew her domain just after Thanksgiving and lost all Christmas sales when a competitor bought her domain name the minute it expired.

The biggest problem clients run into when they elect to try and manage their own domain is paying phony/misleading bills. The bills look official and are intentionally confusing. Click HERE to see a false bill we received on the part of a client’s domain.

What Can Go Wrong?

  • Failure to register or renew names on time
  • Paying for services you don’t need
  • Failure to register company brand names
  • Lack of planning to prevent cyber-squatting
  • Misinterpretation of the different rules and regulations that apply for different country codes (ie: au; uk; nz)
  • Lack of understanding about new Top Level Domains like .biz and .info
  • Failure to protect brands in global domain spaces such as .com, .org and .net.

Key Features of Our Domain Management

  • One-to-one customer service relationship.
  • Transferring and centralizing of domain names to one account managed by HUEY Productions on your behalf.
  • Management of renewals to ensure you retain your valuable domain names.
  • Ongoing assistance with new registrations, modifications, changes, transfers and other functions related to your domain names.
  • Ongoing strategic advice regarding domain name requirements to enable continued brand presence and protection.
  • Analysis of availability of desired names that are not currently owned by you.
  • Updating domain name details yearly as required by law, e.g. administration and technical contacts.
  • Preferential retail pricing on multiple domain name transactions.

Domain Pricing

Registration and management of a domain is $35/year. We do offer discounts to clients with more than four domains. If you are a client with four or more domains our domain management is only $25/year. Turn the worry of domain management over to us. We manage over 400 domains and have never let our clients down.