Redo Your Site

Why Redesign Your Site?

If your Web site was written by a Geek with no understanding of marketing (or your son’s best friend), then we can show you where you can make significant gains in your standing with the search engines as well as attract more visitors.

We see it a couple of times a month. Folks come to us with a Web site written by someone who thought it was easy to produce a site. Truth is, it is easy to produce a Web site. The difficult part comes when one wants their site to look professional and reflect their business properly.

Remember, your site is the first impression many persons get of your business. Is your site giving the correct impression?

“We have been extremely pleased with your services. It is so refreshing to find a company that does what it says it will do. When I gave you the pictures to update our Web site, you had the job done in less than a week and returned the pictures and CD’s to me just like you said you would.

We appreciate so much your quick response and your ability to explain things to us in plain English rather than technical language.

Our bookings are up as well as our position on the search engines. Thank you for all you do.”

See For Yourself

We’ve included two examples of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of some clients we’ve helped. By including professionally designed graphics and colored sections to focus visitor attention these sites have greatly increased their click-through rates which increases profits.

Barrel Designs Old Site
Original Web Site Layout

Barrel Design Update
Updated Web Site Layout

Why Can Web site Redesigning Be Important For a Business?

Although you may have heard that it is true before, chances are that you may not know why a new Web site design can be very important for a company Web site. Well, for a number of different reasons.

When people can easily understand how to use a Web site, they will be a whole lot more likely to use a service. The overall appeal, as well as how professional your company’s Web site looks can be a huge determining factor as to how successful your company may be.

Know What You Want to Improve About Your Web site

One of the main keys to getting the best Web site redesigning is knowing what it is that you want to improve about your current Web site. For example, do you want to get rid of those lousy graphics and have a graphic design company replace them with their professional graphic services? Or do you want to make sure that everything that it is on your Web site sounds professional enough? No matter what the case, it is important to have a good idea of what you would like to improve beforehand.

Know What You Want to Keep About Your Web site

One of the main keys to getting the most through Web site designing is knowing what your Web site’s strengths are. For example, do you like the way that everything is worded, but you simply do not like the way that it is laid out? If this is the case, all you will need is a new layout. Or perhaps you just want to make your Web site easier to understand. No matter what it is, you should have a good idea of what it is that you like about your Web site as it is right now.

Have Ideas in Mind

Having the right ideas in mind can be very important for you. It can make the entire process of redesigning your Web site go a whole lot smoother. Chances are that you will also probably have a much better chance of getting what you are looking for if you have some ideas of what you want beforehand. Otherwise, it will be completely left up to your Web site designer. It is safe to say that; overall, brainstorming can be very helpful to anyone.

Know How Well it Grabs Attention

One of the main keys to having the ultimate Web site promotion, as well as the ultimate Web site optimization, is making sure that your Web site grabs attention. Chances are that if the design of your Web site is boring, people will not become overly interested. However, if you make your Web site interesting and very stylish, chances are that you will begin to see much better results.

If you do not know whether or not your Web site grabs attention right now, you should make sure that you ask several people what they think about your Web site’s appearance. If they like it, chances you will not need to change much but if they do not like it, you could end up needing a complete Web site redesign.

Understand The Purpose of Your Web site

The most important thing about having the most effective and well designed Web site may be understand what the purpose of the Web site is. For example, if it is intended to advertise a company, you should know that. If it is used to sell your company’s products, you should be able to freely identify that.

Whether these are the purpose of your Web site or if it is just used to teach others about your personal interests, you should have a good idea of what your Web site is supposed to do. This can make the Web site redesign process go a whole lot easier.

Improve the Content on Your Web site

There is no doubt that the content of your Web site is probably the most important thing. It can completely determine how effective your Web site promotion or Web site optimization will be. Not only do you want to make sure that the content on your Web site flows, but you also want to make sure that the content on your Web site also sounds credible. This is especially important if you have a company Web site, in order to ensure the sale of your products or services.

Hire The Best Web Site Redesigners

Although anyone can redesign your Web site for you if you pay them to, not everybody will be able to do the same job. It is important to make sure that you hire the best people to transform your Web site through Web site redesigning. In order to find the right company, it is important to find people who are experienced in Web site designing, and who will also cater to your needs.

Although you may find a Web site redesign company who will offer you cheap services, the most important thing is quality. Quality will determine the complete success of your company, or overall effectiveness of your Web site.