Getting a Domain Name

What’s a Domain?Search for a domain

A registered domain is a unique, registered Web site address that no one else will be able to use.   A registered domain name would be a unique name and then the ‘dot com’ at the end. For instance, if you sold fudge and wanted a personalized Internet address (registered domain) you might register FUDGE.COM or CHOCOLATE-FUDGE.COM as your site address.

Registered domains allow potential clients to find you easily and remember your address so they may spread the word.  They also allow you to change Internet Service Providers (ISPs) without having to change your site’s address or without having to go through the trauma of getting a new e-mail address.

More About Domain Naming

In most cases your domain name should NOT be your business name. I say this because the first thing the search engines look at to determine placing on their listing is a match between what a potential client typed as a search phrase and what your domain name is.

For instance, if your business name is Jack’s Enterprises and you sell garage doors, having a domain name of JACKSENTERPRISE.COM will hurt your standing on the search engines. It would be much, much better to have a domain name of GARAGE-DOORS-OPENERS.COM. The second domain would match search requests for garage doors, door openers, garage door openers, etc. Talk with us and we’ll gladly help you select the domain name geared toward productivity and the best position on the search engines.

What’s Involved?

First, a search must be conducted to determine if the domain you desire is available. If the domain name you desire is not being used, a formal registration must be submitted along with technical information about the DNS and where the site is going to be located.

If you desire to have your own registered domain (site name), HUEY Productions will take care of EVERYTHING. We currently manage over 300 domains for clients. All you need do is select the domain name.  There is a $70 fee to conduct the search, complete all registration forms, and establish the registered domain and e-mail accounts. The initial registration is good for two years. At the end of two years you may renew the domain name for another year. The cost of the first renewal and all renewals after that is $35 a year.